Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Buying Local Matters

Where did you go last time you bought a CD? Online or down the street to the local store? How about that digital camera or I-pod?

Where you buy things does matter. It does not have to be a choice on what is cheaper, faster, better, or more convenient. Right now there should be one more element that is important. If you don’t buy from a local or at least US company (if you are not an American company just plug in your own countries name) why should those same people buy from your company? When we purchase local we keep our neighbors employed. It’s a fact that for every $100 spent locally, $45 is returned to the area’s or country’s economy according to a report by Civic Economics, a consulting and research firm.

Buying online or overseas might save on sales tax but those dollars help pay for basic services like police, fire and schools?

It is easy to help our community and countries get though this economic mess just by taking a little time to consider where the manufacturing of the products we buy is.

Larson note: Think locally, with a global perspective. From my view point, in the times I have made sales calls on foreign own companies 99% of the time they are buying there art and design, their printing and marketing form their country of origin. Even there telemarketing centers are set in the Philippians and India. And don’t think I have not tried, I even went as far as to have double sided business cards printed in both English and Japanese to no avail. If they buy from me, great Ill buy form them. If not? Think about it. If Americans are not employed and making money to spend on my products and services who will. And if I don’t support local and US employment, who will?

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*Source: Civic Economics

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