Monday, February 2, 2009

Plan Your Marketing for Market Disruptions

Things happen and unfortunately they are not always for the best. You have a business. You want to grow your business and bam you get wacked on the side of the head. I am not talking about the economy. Lord knows that is making life hard enough already, I am talking about what can happen to you and your business in the shifts your competitions makes in their marketing tactics.

You need to be thinking creatively, thinking marketplace shifts, thinking winning, because that is what business is all about. Winning and losing, and doing it graciously yet powerfully.

We need to be willing to make changes when they are needed, not when our business plan says we should. I have a 3 month, 6 month 1 year and a 5 year business plan working. Yet I am always ready to make changes. When something better comes along or one of my competitions broadsides me, I change. It’s more make changes or lay over and die. We need to have creative disruption; we need to be willing to embrace change when change is necessary and not change just for the sake of change. The focus needs to be on the result of execution. It seems to me that most business books are all about improving execution and but not about changing with the market. Get stuck in one thought pattern and die. Fall in love with your marketing and fall on your face.

Businesses most likely to succeed are ones that cause market shift, market change, businesses that go out and create market disruptions for their competition. You can’t be sitting back and playing catch up to other company’s initiatives.

Larson note: Take 2 hours a week, half a day a month and think about future marketing and/or business trends you could be, should be, using. Get obsessive about your competition and how to make their life miserable. It’s you or them, and between you and me, I would rather have my competition be more miserable than myself.

Sometimes tactics need to be changed. Case in point was the way I was approaching twitter. I was using a let them find and follow me approach on twitter until Mike Seidle on showed a study in which he got a 4% click though off of his twitter posts, his Google posts got 1.5-2.5% and his facebook posts got only.03 to .11%. That blew me away and I revamped my 3 month marketing plan to get more aggressive in and on twitter.

Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks, just don’t tell my wife.

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*Source: Mike Seidle, Larson & Associates

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