Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Targeting Profitable Customers Online

When putting together an online campaign, marketers should push down past general demographics to include pockets of the population that have been identified as profitable new customers such as, students, business travelers, health club members, trade show attendees.

Pushing past that level to further pinpoint behaviors and interests such as travel or technology brings in a complex mix do demographics, geography, contextual and behavioral factors that should go into making your plan so it speaks directly to the customer in the language and terms they want to hear and respond to. If you can key in ton your most profitable target audience by refining every aspect of the campaign to market directly to them in a one-on-one basis, you will up your hit and sell ratios, not on a one to one factor but on a mass scale.

Larson note:
Having specific landing pages for market segments is a perfect way to go. Language and graphics are all part of the way we can talk to certain segments of our market. Certainly you would not talk to a 55 year old man the same why you would talk to his 20 year old daughter would you? So why have 1 home page that tries to talk to both of them when you can create a landing page that can talk to each one in a way they know, understand and like.

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*Source: Julie Springer, Leapfrog Online

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Ann Evanston said...

Interesting post. The Luxury Institute recently did a survey and found that 60% of online purchasers are affluent earning an average of 287K a year. So wouldn't that mean that your landing pages need to be attractive to them too? Just a thought!

Ann Evanston
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