Monday, August 28, 2017

Larson the Perfect Partner

I’m a Swede, well half Swede with the other half Norwegian, either way I’m happy with my back ground and the work ethic I was raised in.

So what are the top 15 reasons to form a partnership with Me?

1)     Punctuality  a meeting that was supposed to start at 1 o’clock will start precisely at 1 o'clock. If it s half hour meeting it will end at 1:30, not 1:35. It’s called prick kl.1. This meeting has been booked months ago. This is because we Swedes are great…

2)     Planners –
 we have already looking ahead to week 45 in 2020. You need to know where you are going if you’re going to get there. It’s called framförhållning.This means we are always...

3)     Prepared –
 we know how to predict, when to proceed and what to produce. We know what good things might happen, what bad things might happen so we are able to move towards the good and away from the bad and keep out of stormy seas and I hate stormy seas! Put simply, we are good…

4)     Performers
 the proof is Sweden’s first place in just about everything. Swedes are also modest but we can talk about that another time.  We also have a passion for…
5)     Projects –
 these are lead by someone who is hopefully aware of what’s going on, understands what is going on and has a handle on the desired outcome. It’s called projektledning. Swedes are expected to be...               
6)     Participative – giving their opinions when asked for. There are no bad ideas just that some are better than others at bringing a faster outcome. It’s called the förankringsprocess. Everyone should feel part of the…

7)     Process -
 there are so many that someone has to learn how to manage them. Yet that does not mean anyone is left on the outside looking in. It’s called  processhantering. A process consists of many meetings. One type of meeting is the…

8)     Pre-meeting –
 it's a meeting before the meeting. Yes let’s get some issues out on the table so people have the possibility to pose questions before the real meeting on “Thursday”. This is because Swedes are…

9)     Precautious –
 decision making is a lengthy, risky process. It is not that risk is bad but we want to make the pathway that brings us to the end goal the fastest with the least amount of risk and animosity, we are still a team. It’s called the beslutsprocess. Being ultra-careful we might not say 'yes' or 'no' but they may say. . .

10)  Perhaps –
 which, for Swedes, is possibly a 'maybe'. But unlike an American  maybe which usually means no, a Swedish Perhaps means we will keep an open mind on the subject and not shut any doors just in case this is the right door. But if we  do say 'yes' then a promise is a promise. We will get on, do it and get it done in the shortest amount of time possible. By global comparison, we are very…

11)  Productive –
 The projection is probably a larger part of our companies GNP. Ya sure we might be talking small and needing some mico thought to everything but such progress is a result of many skills we possess. One skill is being particularly…

12)  Pragmatic -
 patiently putting solutions into practice, avoiding too much…

13)  Pressure –
 which can be both good and bad. It’s called lagom mycket. Too much panic and pressure causes Swedes to walk into the wall. So we prefer to be…

14)  Positive –
 as in having a positive attitude, positive energy, and a positive mind. It’s called arbetsglädje. And one of the most positive things of all in Swedish business life is the world famous…

15)  Parental leave and vacations –
 which is the Swedish way of combining being a family, a parent and a professional together. Yes there is life outside of work.
Larson Notes & Satire: So you’re not blonde, you don’t have blue eyes. Yust say “ya sure” and get on with it!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why Your Sales Team Needs A Dedicated Teleprospector

Let Your Sales People Focus on Closing the Sale!
f you already have trained and talented sales people, why do you need a dedicated teleprospector? They should be able to do their own prospecting for new accounts, right?
Yes and no. You have sales people that are trained to deal with with complex, sophisticated business solutions, so I must ask you, why on earth would you use them to go down into the trenches, get down and dirty, getting involved with grass roots lead generation work? Isn’t the best use of their time being in front of qualified prospects, belly to belly doing what they do best, closing the deal on prospects that have a need that you can take care at a fair profit, that fit your niche?

Complex sales don’t just close by magic, nor do they close over the phone or through emails. They require face-to-face meetings, and perhaps sophisticated presentations, where pain is uncovered, solutions are discussed and deals are made.

If you have talented sales people, their focus should be at the bottom of the sales funnel, working with the cream and getting in front of the key decision-makers, and negotiating the close.

In my selling experience, this is who I want to be talking to and I’ll bet this is also where your sales people want to be, talking to people further along in the buying cycle.

It takes time and attention to bring a sale all the way to a close, and it’s best when you can use your high end talent for this sophisticated, somewhat delicate, part of the sales cycle.

Using a teleprospecting person to make the calls and qualify the leads allows your sales people to do what they do best.

Top of the Funnel Phone Calls
  • A teleprospector is an excellent complement to your sales people that needs to get in front of highly qualified leads. 
  •  A dedicated teleprospector gets on the phone, and spends the time that is needed at the top of the funnel.
  • A teleprospector can make thousands of calls, and have hundreds of conversations that are required to narrow the list down and hand off the qualified opportunities to your sales people.
  • For every deal that actually gets to the table for negotiation and closing, at least one hundred calls need to be attempted.

Isn't your highly skilled and valuable sales people’s time is much better spent in front of the prospects that have a need and are nearer to the point of ready to close?

And isn't the teleprospector’s time is best spent making the calls, asking the right questions, and using their refined skill set to qualify and discover actionable leads.

Refining the List
An added benefit to outsourcing calls to a qualified dedicated teleprospector is that they will filter your list down to only highly qualified leads.

In my experience, many times an inside sales people will hold on to prospects that have no future. It’s a comfort factor to hold onto the names. They’re going to buy eventually, right? This only leads to time wasted on calls and communication with prospects that have no hope in ending in a closed sale.

A dedicated teleprospector has the expertise to ask the right questions, and spend the right amount of time in order to determine if there is a real interest. If there is none, then no more effort is spent engaging with people a company that is not going to take the next step.

The result is a hand off to sales people, names or prospects that they know are worthy of their time and the effort it takes to move them down through the sales funnel to a successful conclusion.

Engaging a dedicated teleprospector to work with your sales people ensures both you and your sales people that the sales funnel keeps flowing and there is no roller coaster rides in getting qualified prospects.

Your salespeople can continuously work on being in front of the decision makers ready to take the next step, while a skilled dedicated teleprospector continues to hand off highly qualified leads to them.

For better lead gen in telemarketing, teleprospecting and lead generation call Larson & Associates at 847-991-1294 or email me at .  One call is all it takes to start getting sales leads into your peoples pipeline.
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