Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Improving Your Direct Marketing Program

All direct marketing programs from the biggest to the smallest have three parts. A pre, a mid and a post. To get better results you should always be doing and getting feedback and keeping records of the results of what you find out to improve your program (or your next effort) as you move along. For example using contests, coupons or incentive offers might work wonders and be getting replies but unless you record the information do you know?

If one kind of offer is working, why is it? Is it the kind of offer? Is it the headline of the offer? Did you discount? Did you have an ending date? A limited supply?

Larson note: Keeping good track of what you do, who you do it and what the response is, is only the start. Keeping careful records of each Direct Response effort you lay out there is as important as is the way you present it to your target market. You might use coupons once; they try a mailing package the next time with the same basic information and see what the responce is. If not good, add in a time deadline, or for a quantity limit.

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*Source: Cynthia Nelson

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