Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Low Cost Ways to Market Your Business

It’s not nice out there. You, me, everyone is getting hit from all sides. You want to push your business ahead but funds are running on empty for marketing. So what can a business owner or marketing manager do?

First change the way you are thinking from spending on marketing tools to investing on smart strategic execution.

You need to use this slow down to think about how to make smart investments rather than more. Take a hard look at the assets you currently have in your company and change those in ways that can help build your business. Write or have your people write content that can be used as bogs, newsletters or whitepapers. These can be used to capture names and create an email list.

You can use these papers as content to boost your search visibility or added content on your web site. You can also make yourself into an industry or topical expert where clients and prospects turn to when they need advice.

You can push out press releases and place them on your site as well as distributed to the free online PR sites as well as traditional newspapers.

Larson note: You need to use what you got at hand or improve those things you are now using or use them in a more complete way. You object is, even in a downturned economy to put your name out in front of people any way possible, to get your web site more active and more visible to the various search engines. Don’t go putting more money, that you don’t have into your marketing, just use and refine what you got going on better.

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