Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bottom Line Priority Thinking

So you need to keep an eye on that old bottom line from going totally down into the tank? Ok, l I hear you. So do I. So here are some low-cost CRM ideas and strategies for when your money is tighter than tight.

1) Watch the ROI on each of the channels you are marketing and advertising inn. Make sure they are worth the investment of money and time.
2) Look over your marketing channels and find redundancy and create a comprehensive view of your customer and the demographics of your ideal customer so you can pinpoint them with your advertising/marketing attack.
3) Ok you closet writers out there, create an internal and/or external blog or discussion board where customers and employees can communicate with all you Suites out there. Give them have access to you. It will calm down a lot of nervous people to be able to hear from you.
4) Look for ways to have virtual events rather than f2f.
5) Tap into your social networking groups to find ways to get free advice from your peers, colleges and competition.
6) Get out of your office and go visit your customers at their offices. Wow, now there is a novel idea.
7) Analytics. Yes Google analytics is still free. Track yourself.
8) Set on a speaking circuit. Again get out into your community and start talking. Rotary, Kiwanis and many Chambers’ of Commerce have groups looking, no begging for speakers. Find a topic you know well and go for it. You might be suprised at how smart you are.
9) Synergy. Find companies that complement you and work an account together giving your customer a broader ore complete service than you could by yourself.
10) Nurture those sales leads. Keep in contact with new and old accounts. Keeping in contact so when they are ready you are the first name that comes to their mind. Do I hear newsletter here?

Larson note: We need to keep a lid on our expenses but that does not mean we need to get derailed from out advertising, marketing and crm efforts. People are still out there buying stuff and services. The question is who are they buying from? You or your competition?

Howard Larson
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