Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Social Media Advantage for B2B

How can a B2B company take advantage of the various Social Media Networks running around out there?

I would start by staring with the creation of a company blog. If you don’t, can’t or don’t have time to write there are companies (like ours) that offer blog writing services. This will or can get you into an interactive situation with your customers as they make comments on your blog. A side benefit is that a blog can make and get your company web site a higher ranking as well.

Do a search and look at the top 3 or 4 rated blogs in your industry. Make appropriate comments that are not blatent attempts to sell yourself but rather work at establishing yourself as an industry expert for people to run to for their problems.

Twitter is a place where corporate markets should also look at. When you post articles, press releases and blog updates this is an excelent way to help drive traffic to your site.

Then there are the Social Media Sites themselves MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, MerchantCircle, Ning’s. These do tend to be slanted more towards B2C than B2B but there are some sites that do push the B2B more than others but at the same time businesses contain people and if you can collect your business associates as your followers and friends you are well on your way.

Larson note: You can find your market though Social Media. Blogs as I said are a very good start and one every business should be involved in, As for SM sites, they can work well in for B2B situation but there is a learning curve. You can learn on the run, but run fast!

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