Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Major Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

What are some of the biggest mistakes you can make in Social Media Marketing?

The first is not knowing your audience and your “market”. Even in a small online group there can be smaller splinter (dare I say cult) groups running around. Are these your market or is it the lager group? You need to get a handle on who you are reaching out and talking to. Craft and tailor yourself to their needs and interests and making friends with them. Become their hero!

Second is thinking that “if you build it they will come” mentality. Doesn’t work, sorry. I have 2 ning groups floating out there, one for my running/coaching company and one for my marketing company. I work and post to them but for whatever reason they have not clicked with the market I thought was out there. You need a reason for creating a community and a compelling reason for people to be a member of that community.

Third is boring content. Whether you are a blogger, a forum poster, a group writer or an emailer, keep fresh and to the (your point). Consistency is important. The people who are following your blog do it because they like what you are saying. As was pointed out to me once, by Vincent Wright of http://mylinkingpowerforum.ning.com you have more followers to your blog than you really know they just don’t post any comments. So don’t get stupid with it, stay in your knowledge area and keep it focused. It will pay back dividends if not today, tomorrow.

Fourth is a bunny hop from above but keep yourself consistent through all your SM marketing efforts. Just know who you are and project it to your audience. Some people call this branding, and it is, you are creating a brad of you and your company.

Fifth is size. It is not the number of friends or followers you have that is important but the number of touches you have with your friends that is. A person with a following of 500 with a 25% touch rate is much more effective that a person with a 2500 following and a.5% touch rate.

Sixth is execution. Use the elements of SM that you can use at or close to 100% and leave the rest.

Larson note: Social Media Marketing is cutting edge and you are riding the big wave. To keep on the crest you need to stay active. Keep slim and trim hand hammer home your consistent message. Create your brand and find your followers and stay connected.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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Ann Evanston said...

Great post Howard!

I have to say that I am shocked by how many people read a blog and:
1 - don't comment
2 - don't connect it to their business!
3 - don't use their name which is the fastest way to find you!

It's all about links as a small business owner! Here is what I say to my clients:
"More links, more Google-able; more Google-able, more traffic; more traffic, more potential business!”

Ann Evanston
Strategies and tactics for 21st century networking

Belkis said...

I totally agree on these major mistakes. I actually wrote a blog not too long ago about not knowing your audience. People don't have a clue to whom they are writing to. Thanks for the insight.

Belkis Cardona-Rivera

Larson and Associates said...

People love people who can keep focused on who they are. When a person is following a blog they want to know what they are going to see or at least the ideas in general of the writer. That idea I have tried to remain true to.

I have stick out a few zingers from time to time but try to keep it in my over all conservative nature, self-sufficiency, capitalatism and the promotion of laize-a-faire government.

Being a lifelong ad man I just give people the ideas and to tools they need to achieve their dreams for growing and making their companies great.