Monday, February 23, 2009

Most Effective Use of Telemarketing in B2B

In an economy like the one we are going through it is normal to see companies that use telemarketing in alignment with sales efforts will probably be increasing their telemarketing dollars and those that use the phone as a broad based awareness for surveys and general awareness campaigns will most likely decrease their dollars in this direction.

Focus the majority of your telemarketing efforts on measurable activity that drives leads to your sales team. As you are rolling out the campaign be sure to keep in contact with your salespeople as to how the kind of and quality of leads are coming in so that everyone is pulling in the same direction. Having a reporting system in place ensures that you can communicate quickly and with facts, not guesses as to what is really happening.

Larson note:
If anything is essential it is record keeping. Knowing what is coming in as well as what is going out. If good leads are coming in and not closing, do your sales people need training? If the leads are not hitting the mark as to your idea client, do you need better list management, script writing or call center training?

“Dialing for dollars” is an art if you don’t have the time to do it, do it well and do it consistently, maybe you should be calling a company like ours.

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*Source: Kathy Rizzo, TeleNet Marketing Solutions

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