Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loyalty Programs to Boost Sales

So in these down times what can you do to increase sales or at least stop the loss of sales?

While there is not 100% guaranteed sure fire way to stem the tide for a deep recession but businesses should be able to make an attempt to keep the damage at a minimum. In building relationships and trust with your customers that already know you and love you is a very viable way to increase sales and stimulate growth, and should use it especially during a downturn, like now.

YOU could offer special discounts, make a customer club, early bird specials complete with wake up calls, or call alerts when their favorite merchandise comes in before it is on the shelf for the general public. These are all simple things you can be doing Now, Today.

These and other actives like these can be used to ensure that customers look forward to interaction with your and keep coming to you and not your competition.

Larson note: It does not take much to get your past customers coming in and back for more. That is if you were keeping records or name, address, telephone number, email address. If not start today. Loyalty comes in all shapes or forms but are an excelled way to keep your name out in the open and in front of your past-customers. Need company specific ideas, call us.

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