Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Women Rule Mail

As much as people like to get mail offers and coupons woman, on in a greater percentage than men take advantage of them.

It is woman who usually collect and sort the household mail. It is woman much more than men who are more likely to try a new business or renew and old customer relationship (67% to 59%) over their mail counterparts. It is women who show a greater level of price sensitivity compared to men. They are also more likely to be on the lookout for promotional offers and coupons in the mail and are fond of mailed coupons and more likely to sue them over men. And (sorry boys) it is woman who generally control the spending and the purse strings of the household.

Larson note: Are men left out in the dark? No. but women have an 8% bump in looks and usage over men, and in direct marketing 8% is a lot! Coupons promotions, coupons packs, are all ways to get in. Do you have mass appeal or are you a target marketing sort of company?

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Source: Direct Mail marketing Survey

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