Friday, December 12, 2008

Managing Negative Online Comments

Your out there, your name, your company your words? Then bam you get hit with online negativism or a disgruntled client. What do or can you do?

First you need to take a proactive a proactive to first listen and then respond to the customer feedback. Put a contact form on your web site; establish a complaint resolution process to address issues ASAP. Next promote positive customer feedback and comments online, to put a positive spin on you and your company.

If you strive to promote good customer service and proactively address customer concerns and promote positive comments you will have taken a major step for keeping a 5 star image online

Larson note: They happen. As much as we try things don’t go right with and for some customers. It might be a bad fit between your service and there company. It might be just one of those things that there is no logical reason. Online gives people a chance to vent publicly sometimes with out making themselves know to you to rectify the problem or to have a fair hearing on your side of a bad situation. Do what you can and leave the rest. Let them look like a fool. People know a disoriented ranter when they see or hear one, even online.

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