Thursday, December 18, 2008

Direct Mails Unique Advantages

Many people, my self included, have been pushing other channels for promotion. We here at Larson’s have been pushing our marketing message though bloging harder than a year ago. But then has not diminished our Direct Mail Marketing attack.

When people receive a piece of mail, they can do 3 different things with it. Act on it immediately, save if for future use or share it with other people in the business or household. Possible with e-marketing? Yes, but not as prevalent. I have specialty folders in my computer of stuff for review that I never get back to. Don’t we all?

Larson note: In any marketing the key is to get though the clutter and get your piece seen. In mail we have a few ways to do this. Message, color, size, bulkiness, repetition. As in all marketing the more you do the better you get. He more you test the more understanding of channel use you have. I actually collect mailing pieces (that I like) that come to me, so if I get a client that is that field I can pull out that file and use it as a template for them.

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