Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Current State of the Mail

In a time like we are now in, people are looking harder and more closely at the promotional mail, or do you call it junk mail, that is coming into their mail boxes. If done correctly you can get some of the best hit rates possible, possibly more so than even a year ago. Direct mail and lists can be very targeted to the people you want to get in front of. When we consider that 85% of direct mail actually gets read or viewed and that over half of all consumers have requested promotional materials or coupons from companies over the last 6 months I would think this only says that direct mail marketing is not dieing but a very hard hitting powerful marketing tool.

A high percentage of people do in fact read there mail, ALL their mail and are getting more interested in the coupons that are coming in to their mail boxes. Marketers that have dismissed direct mail marketing for what ever reasons, cost, timeliness, whatever, are missing a huge chance to be in front of there audience.

Larson note: Your list, your offer, your pull. Get your message to the right people with the right offer (for them) with the right incentive and they will come. As in field of dreams “Build it and they will come. You might have to work at the coming part (that is advertising, marketing and salesmanship but “they will come” if your work hard and are consistent. When I see things like 85% hit rates on my message being looked at. I get all giddy.

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* Major source: Direct Marketing / Pitney Bowes Direct Mail Survey

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