Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Different Aspects of Mobile Marketing

I will say I am at this point not a big fan of mobile marketing. Maybe this is because for my business, it does not fit the demographics of my prospect(s). As it evolves I might change my mind but right now I know I don’t want your ad messages on my cell phone. Does it for your business? Lets see!

Yet it is a unique channel and if used right can be very powerful. To date most companies are using it as an extension of their web marketing which to me is all wrong. It, mobile marketing, is not search and banner ads channel but a unique marketing channel all to its self. Mobile has the capabilities for location, and real-time advertising. For example a company can pick a location, target a certain demographic population, and put their marketing out in a narrow nitch. You can build a database of usage that you can use to look for certain patterns of behavior or buying habits around your location.

The upside is that in a study of 810 wireless subscribers age 18-65 back in July 56% of them said that would view ads on their phones if they were given a 25% to 50% discount on their monthly bill. It comes a no real surprise that users 18 to 25 who are more apt to be texting would we willing to trade their number for a discount while ages of 26 to 44 preferred to talk. This group would gladly (?) trade a voice message for a discounted rate. Ha I could have told them that in interviewing my family from my daughter on up to my father. The older the person the less mobile is going to be attractive. Yet, going further down this path as the economy gets more difficult, more companies are looking at mobile as a cost effective marketing channel. Piggy backing this, more people might want billing relief in the from of discounts in order to keep their cell phone.

To date mobile advertising in the US will top $1 Billion for the first time in 2008 and is projected to hit above $7.5 Billion by 2013.

Larson note: Pick your poison. You can get in to this arena easy enough, heck call me up and I can get you all set up for a mobile texting attack, but watch out or you will be black- balled because of people like me. Look at your product or service and look at your target audience. The younger they are the more recitative they will be. In email terms we call it opted in well if there is a way for mobile triple opted in a cell number to text to. At this point in time, it does not fit my company to market in this fashion, in 10 years it could happen. Again can it work for you? I have only 2 questions: what’s your product and what are your target age group demographics.

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