Friday, December 5, 2008

Best Way To Learn About Online Bargains

45% E-mail from online retailer
16.5% Friends forwarding a link
16% On-site retailer message
10% Banner ads
9% Friend via social network

Larson note: You still have time for Christmas. Might be too late to get any good results out of a search engine/optimization program (SEO) to get a higher ranking but you still should start. Pay For Click (PFC) might be a better more immediate option here giving almost instant results. If you are serious though and can also get some coupons posted on the web then when combined with a SEO and PFC you could still pull off a powerful web presence and web marketing attack.

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* Guidnce/Synovate online survey, sample 1,000 adults. October 22 to October 24th.

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