Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Responding with Direct Mail vs. E-mail

E-mail vs. Direct Mail. That is the question.

It is very easy to make a nice looking electronic email ad and zap it out to an email list of thousands and thousands of people with the click of a mouse. Simple, appealing and Lazy!

If you look at the back end and see the open rates and the click though rates you will find a channel that is declining.

There is only one way for a buyer to respond to an e-ad, click it. If you have shopping carts on your web sites look at the ones left abandoned. Why? Boss walked in. Computer crashed. Got interrupted. Dog barking. Doorbell rang. Put this against Direct Mail. What are the connection options? Online ordering, phone local or 800 number. Order form. Go to store.

In the 19’s catalogers were putting their catalogs online. The thought was that people would now go online and shop their catalogue and they would print and ship fewer catalogues. Well they did that and sales went down. They started printing and shipping out more catalogs again and sales climbed. Don’t underestimate armchair buying!

Larson note: Don’t worry all you emailers out there I have some exciting news coming for you, I have in my little hands a report from the Direct Marketing Association on E-mail marketing and will be going though it and finding good things in the land of Advertising and Marketing. Even some thoughts on multichannel marketing which I am a great proponent of. Phone, mail, email. It still comes down to getting your message in front of the right people. Who is your market where are they and how do you find and connect with them?

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Source: Direct Mail marketing Survey

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