Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Citysearch releases increased functionality

Online local guide Citysearch has released a new version of with improved local, social and mobile aspects. The company is expanding its coverage from 140 local city guides to over 75,000 cities and neighborhoods nationwide.

Brandi Willard, senior marketing manager for Citysearch said this creates increased opportunities for local advertisers. “With everything going on in local, people want information right away based on where they live. This presents a huge opportunity for advertisers to really focus and target their messages. They can now drill down to a specific neighborhood to target their demographic,” she said.

Users can also now log into Citysearch through Facebook Connect, which allows them to use their Facebook username and password on and connect their Facebook identity, friends and privacy preferences to Citysearch.

Citysearch has also launched Mobile by Citysearch which allows users to write reviews directly from their phones. “We've prioritized the Best of Citysearch content so users can get to top qualified content easily,” Willard said.

Willard did not say there would be new hires associated with the move, but she did say that Citysearch would be tapping into their network of freelancers for expanded coverage.

In the first half of next year Citysearch plans on expanding mobile offerings farther. Users will soon be able to upload photos and videos from their mobile phones as well.

Larson note: I’ll come right out and say I am not a big cityseach fan, nor a citysearch user for that matter. Perhaps that is because when I first became aware of it, it was almost useless, it was hard to navigate and did not have many choices, its rating system was to me, bogus and companies I was looking for did not seem to be in its database.

If people start to use it it could become a good local advertising tool but what comes first the chicken (companies wishing to advertise) of the egg (people using citysearch as their search tool of choice?

Maybe they have changed and gotten better. Perhaps Ill look, then again maybe I won’t.

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*major source Mary Elizabeth Hurn

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