Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marketing Medical Devices

Marketing medical devices is not the same as marketing pharmaceuticals. In this area it is imperative to get the docs to climb on board and endorse the thing before revealing it to the consumer. Peer to peer endorsement or rejection can make or break the success of a medical device. In this market the medicial professionals are the absolute gatekeepers and if they don’t like or believe in your product it’s not gong anywhere because they will not use it on their patients. IN the application process of the product it is very specific and aimed towards specific populations. Depending on the product or device once some docs have climbed on board it might be necessary to hit the consumer with ads to push use of procedures using the devise so patients seek out doctors using it.

Trade shows are the biggest area of attack. If this area can move away and totally integrate their marketing they might get better market penetration of the same money. A virtual product tour could be put together and placed online. Having done some of these with good tight voiceovers it can be a great addition to your marketing attack. Considering the cost of transporting a machine can cost a company thousands of dollars to various trade shows and leave the docs with little or nothing except a demo, adding multimedia to your mix is an excellent way to push sales

Larson note: Virtual product tours on CD, DVD or put online are a great add-on in this area. It is or can be a complecated piece of equipment to be used in an equally complecated procedure. Upgrading your tradeshow with more interactive components could be the push you need. Add in a hand out of a CD or DVD, cement it with a virtual online product tour and/or demo and you might just yourself on top line marketing package. Come to think about it this might be good for more than medical devices.

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* Source Market Tools Insight Report; Sample 1000 adults November 2008

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Addison Adolfs said...

Actually an appropriate saying that medical devices marketing is not at all the same as like marketing pharmaceuticals. These devices need to be passed by the medical board before making them revealed among consumers or the health care industry. As a single inaccurate diagnosis done by these devices may leads to huge loss.