Friday, December 12, 2008

Green Product Buying?

8% Pay a premium for Green Products
47% Less likely to pay a premium for going Green because of the economy
38% Will not pay a premium for going Green regardless of the economy
7% Other

Larson note: Green is a choice. Being environmentally conscious is a choice. Reducing your carbon footprint is a choice. Global warming? Is it real? Running out of oil? Not in my lifetime. Smog? Where?

You chose to sell environmentally green products at a higher cost and you automatically loose 45% or your market. Ouch! Can you exist on a market share starting with only 55%? Look at cars. Last summer you could not find a compact car with estimated gas mileage over 30mpg with in 200 miles of me. Now? Ha! Lets get the 8 cylinder SUV out and go for a ride gas is down to $1.62 a the pump (as of Friday 12/5/2008) Oil is at $43 a barrel.

But if you sell green now you will be ready for the upswing with gas goes back up to $4.50 and asthma attacks are hitting the general population again at a record high level. You will already have in place product on your shelf, you will already have supplier connections and relationships with manufactures selling green to take over the market as it goes from 55% up to 75% or higher.

As for us here at Larson & Associates, we will continue to reduce our carbon footprint as a provider of marketing services. Already this year we have reduced our hydrocarbon use by 90%. Yes you heard me 90% and our carbon footprint buy 75% Our goal to you, ourselves and the world is to go 100% grid free with in 2 years in all locations by converting to solar and wind energy, or, as grid free as possible due to current zoning laws. Our goal is to go as paperless as possible, with all interoffice and client communications. We can all be more green than we think..

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* Source Market Tools Insight Report; Sample 1000 adults November 2008

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