Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ham Sandwich Marketing

Making a marketing plan is like building a ham sandwich. Bread, ham, mayo and other stuff. But what other things you add to your sandwich will define the flavor and experience of eating your sandwich.

I have three main elements to any attack that I put together, telesales, mail and email / bread, ham and mayo. What ever else I add to my sandwich will add or possibly detract to the taste of my sandwich.

As my father use to ask us, “Which would you rather have, complete happiness in life or a ham sandwich?” Of course we would all fall for the bait and say “Complete happiness in life!” He would then laugh and chime in with “There is nothing better than complete happiness in life, right? But a ham sandwich is better than nothing.”

So for me, keep your completeness happiness in life and give me the ham sandwich. Then I’ll have complete happiness in life!

Larson note: Our speciality is New Account Acquisition. We live and breath the hunt for new leads for our clients. We keep their sales pipeline filled with a funnel approach. In doing this we use the above ham sandwich approach. Some only want the bread, our telesales work, some what a piece of ham with the bread. Direct mail or wave mailing inserted in the attack, adding to that some mayo, the fulfillment side of the attack, sending out requested information. From there the real meal starts. A nice glass of coke, the list, lettuce, trade magazine ads, or newspaper. Mustard, might be a multimedia presentation on a CD or a DVD, cheese might be a Search Engine Optimization plan. Depending on what kind of cheese American, Cheddar, Swiss this could become SEO with pay for click or banner ads. What ever you need to make your ham sandwich we have the right ingredients in our kitchen.

Outbound Telesales (B2B)
New account acquisition
Trade Show Call Back
Orphan Account Selling
CD & DVD Duplication and Replication
Postcard and Wave Mailing Programs
Trade Show Call Back
List Procurement
Audio and Video Tape Duplication.
Multimedia Development
Search Engine Submission Program
Web Site Design
Trade Magazine Ads
Door Hangers
Co-op Advertising
Synergistic Advertising

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