Monday, December 1, 2008

Designing an E-Mail Ad

You can cut down on the rate at which recipients delete or report your e-mails as spam by using a company name, the name of a familiar associate or product name in the ‘from' field. Good design starts before a recipient even opens an e-mail message. Recent studies show 35% of e-mail users open messages because of what's contained in the subject line, while 69% of e-mail recipients report e-mail as spam based on the subject line. You need to get this right, or your campaign might as well not happen.

The subject line is the second chance to make an impression on e-mail recipients. Clearly and directly summarize the e-mail's theme in the subject line. Limit subject lines to 50 characters or less, because most e-mail platforms cut off messages beyond that point. If you are involved in any twitter ads, you know how to keep your copy short.

Next, consider that only a portion of a message will be visible in a preview window. So, critical information such as a company logo, offer or call to action button should be placed as close to the top left of the e-mail as possible.

When designing the full, opened e-mail, marketers should place call-to-action buttons, phone numbers and promotional offers towards the top.

Finally, use alt tags with images. If a browser does not load an image, then the contents of the alt tag will be displayed. Similarly, provide a text-only version of e-mail messages, as some browsers may not support HTML, or the recipient will have automatic image blocking enabled so they will not see your pictures and fancy images and will not get your message if there is no text

The right design elements can lead e-mail recipients to open a message.

Then there is the sending part to the attack. You should test different times of day and days of the week, it may help to split your list into pieces and send on multiple days. (That is how I send out my emailed newsletter). Monday mornings are usually a bad time so if your doing Monday send it late in the morning and or Monday afternoon. I would say the same thing for Friday afternoons. Send early afternoon or not at all.

Larson note: E-mail marketing is not just type it and shoot it out. Subject line, day and time of day your send it. Opening line (40 characters) all play a vital roll in your success.

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