Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Use Email Marketing

Companies across all industries are devoting more of their time, resources, and budgets to email marketing. Email typically costs less than other direct marketing channels and the return exceeds most other initiatives. This year, the average return for every dollar spent on email marketing was $45.06. Compared to non-email Internet marketing's return of $19.94, direct response newspaper advertising's $16.86, non-catalog direct mail's $15.55, telemarketing's $8.61, and catalog marketing's $7.28, it is easy to see why companies are ramping up their email marketing programs.

In order to achieve the highest ROI, email marketers must get savvy and revise their strategies. For example, monthly email newsletters that were sent out to the entire subscriber base are being converted to targeted weekly mailings that only contain the information that is most relevant to each subscriber. Targeted emails nearly double the click-through rates of bulk emails so if you aren't already using advanced tactics like dynamic profiling and dynamic content to segment your lists, now is the time to start.

List acquisition and management, email design, branding, CAN-SPAM compliance, relevancy, deliverability, reputation, metrics, reporting, managing the opt-out process, Holy Cow! It goes on and on.

Larson note: Email marketing is good, Make no bones about it. Put that together with some other marketing techniques and you have yourself one heck of a Marketing attack. I use it for my monthly newsletter. Why? Because it works.

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Andrew Lyn said...
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Damian Lee said...

The most cost effective way to market is to create your own opt-in list for email marketing. This means that you ask people to sign up to be on your mailing list. An opt-in list is a great way to market your site because you are sure that the people receiving your emails are interested in your business.