Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is E-tailing tougher than retail?

These days being a retailer is hard enough but E-tailing or selling on the internet can be even harder.

In addition to such normal retail issues as product and price, and E-tailer needs to deel with shopping care software, a way to manage returns, and a way to get customers to their e-store.

Just by putting up a site and placing products on your page does not bring you customers. You think all this would be obvious to people getting into E-tailing So many people think that ujsut being online is enough. They have no idea what is involoved in getting real customers.

E-tailing is, I think more competative that regural Retailing because yoru total hiddlen for anyone eyes until you do something. In Retailing you can put up s sign and get lucky with walk in.

When you set up shop, so to speak, not being awair of the costs is the most dangerious pitfalls of any online store start-up.

Your merchant account, digital certificate, creadit card processing fees, are only a start. How wil you handle shipping and returns? How will tranactions get into yoru bookkeeping and accounting system?

Then there is your site. Is it easy to navigate? Is the check out process simple and fast? If people have to click though 4 or 5 pages just to check out they well get frustrated.

Then there is your shopping cart software. It is important to select the correct shopping cart to capture and store customer information. You need and want the customers email address, phone number and shipping address.

You might want to buy and install Google Analytics which will tell where people go on your site, where they look and where the leave from yoru store. All good information to have.

Also make the BUY button BIG, so people can find and see it. If they cant fid the buy button they will not buy!

Larson note: Like al things E-tailing is not as easy or cheep as it looks. If it was everyone would be doing it. Get your costs together. All your costs, then go over things AGAIN. Each % that you loose will take away from your profits.

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