Thursday, November 6, 2008

Marketing for the Holidays – Thought 3

Today lets take a look at search campaigns.

If you reading this and have not already started getting your advertising and marketing ready for the Christmas season YOUR LATE!

So what to do? First start NOW. ASAP. It can take awhile to build up a strong quality score and product the right analysis as to the keywords to use; the right copy the correct landing pages.

I would be remiss to say that if you did not start back in at lest August you have a serious uphill battle infront of you. This might call for some professional help if you are serious and I know some good ones for you to call.

Start by using last year’s data. Holiday shopping is different from any other time of the year and because of that holiday search behavior is also different from any other time of the year. So when you’re trying to get the best data to predict holiday search behavior and results look to last year’s holiday’s search activity. You kept track of that right? That data will give you strong clues as to how searcher will behave this year, again.

Finally if you have got it, as the saying goes, flaunt it. Work hard to tout the things you offer that your competitors don’t, Tout your competitive selling points, your lower prices, your free shipping, your wider selection and your superior customer service. Yes if you have it totally let it out and flaunt it. Especially during the big spending holiday gift season.

Larson note: A good search campaign can not only raises your sites visibility to people who normally would not find you but raise your status in the eyes of your current web customers. If they can’t find you they can’t buy from you. It’s that plain and simple. Key words, landing page, navigatablity, local search, buying key words. It’s late but not too late.

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