Wednesday, November 26, 2008

E-Mail direct marketing ad attack

Yesterday newsletters, today e-mail advertisements.

If you have ever dabbled in direct mail marketing attacks you can easily apply the same basic principles to an e-mail marketing attack but the time-line results will be that much shorter and less expensive. Then of course e-mail is fast. Production time is minimal, receiving time is instant and response to your message will either be in 24 hours or less or it’s not coming.

All these things are important in a down-turned economy. By being able to shorten your sales cycle but in instantaneous of e-mail it can keep you in the game for one more round. You might be able to take advantage of a developing trend or story, sending out a blast in hours or the event allowing you to take full advantage of it. You also have the ability to test market copy, headlines, links, pull, etc.

Finally people can get a hold of you easier and faster right where they are. They don’t have to stop and change channels to get a hold of you, NO picking up the phone, no logging online (they are already there) they hit your link or down load your coupons or other stuff and away they go.

Larson note: Quick, easy, fast with instant (24 hour or less results) Is it worth a try? Those are the upsides, the downside is that some people call even legitimate email making SPAM and might “black ball” you no matter how careful you are. For me, I would take a shot at it but then it fits my business and I own my own software.

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