Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Marketing for the Holidays – Thought 2

Think about it, your customers are driving themselves nuts thinking out how to give meaningful presents to all their friends and family. Your job as a seller of goods and services is to help them do just that to help them look like heroes. So today lets look at the possibility of an email campaign and how that can add value to your customers lives during this stressful gift giving time.

First you can look at past buying trends and behaviors to develop your offers. Segment and use dynamic content to closely match your offers to your customer’s interests. What did they buy in the past and because of that what are they likely to buy or buy again?

Segment the time period into early mid and late buying. These should all be targeted differently. Last years early season shoppers should be targeted early again this year. If they planed ahead last year they are sure to do it again. People are just like that. If they were late shoppers last year, in all likelihood they will be late again. That means even before Thanksgiving! The last thing you want to do is to be sending out dozens of “holiday specials” to the same person. That is just not good form. Figure out when they are most likely to buy and hit them THEN.

If you haven’t done so already it is not too late to take advantage of customer trust in building solutions that are proven to get your emails open and your click throughs.

Around the holiday season free shipping is always a big pull. People love free shipping and in actual testing it has been shown that people are more responsive to the concept of receiving free shipping compared to a sweepstakes of even discounts.

Larson note: Email can be pin pint accurate in hitting the market if you kept records. You can plan the timing out to the day, even the hour they receive it. Than it’s all in the offer and how they respond. It its your first e-mail blast to them you don’t know exactly what to expect but if you have good name recognition with your customers (works very good for specialty stores) you will be very successful more times than not.

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