Monday, November 3, 2008

CRM Strategy for a Down Economy

Your best CRM strategy in a down economy is really not much different than the one you should use when things are going well:

1) Remember the details about your customer. Use the contact history of the customer to remember his or her likes and dislikes. Trace what is important and significant to them. When you interact with them they have choices, lots of choices, so the significance and relevance of the contact you make is critical.

2) Have your CRP connected all across the organization. You can not have people holding onto customer information anywhere in your organization. Everyone from Sales to Marketing to Customer Service to Shipping to the Receptionist.

3) Link your results back into specific CRM actions you can take. This is about action, moving forward, not just the accumulation of information and data. Who cares what you know about a customer if you dont use it. Make sure you can represent internally to the rest to of the organization, not only an increase in retention but hard statical numbers of retention and actions taken.

Larson note: CRM can be a great tool in an organization but only if each area shares and puts into the master file all their information. If they start a little power base you need to break up the little information kingdoms. Is your company a team or is it just a bunch of people looking out for their own selves?

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