Friday, November 7, 2008

Marketing for the Holidays – Thought 4

Today let’s take a look at your online store.

Every year we get the hype on how important the Holiday gift season is. And yes it is important so you as companies across the county enter it you try to step up your advertising and marketing. So today here are some keys to some things may retailers ignore?

First, know your customers. Successful holiday marketing and advertising demands that you understand your customers unique habits, desires needs and tolerances. Special deals, product bundles, holiday themed showcases and free shipping are still among the most effective things to do but, its important to incorporate these strategies into your entire Customer Relation Management (CRM) framework.

You need to delight your customers. Make their shopping experience as enjoyable, intuitive and hassle-free as possible. This can include holiday specific navigation that places a heavier emphasis on recipient shopping of relevant gift advice.

There are simple tools that can speed the process I and truly showcase the benefits of shopping online with YOU. These could be recommendation modules, product comparisons, shipping calculators and a list of the most popular “in demand” items your carry.

Then service your customers. The holidays are stressful enough and the problem is sometimes exagerated when shopping online where you don’t have anyone to talk to or ask for help. Online retailers need to service their customers more effetely by setting high expectations. Make email address and phone numbers for customer service easy to find. E-mail out shipping notifications, and having realistic arrival dates. Streamline your checkout process and have “quick buy” options that tie in with their other purchases at the end can up sell your customers with items they need but might not have though about.

Larson note: Do things right and you will have move sales, larger sales and more referrals. This is the holiday sales war season. Don’t be timid. You got to come out with both barrels firing

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