Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mobile Media is a Unique Marketing Channel

Mobile and Media are not one and the same.

Most marketers when they hear the word media think of it as a way to deliver or should we say push your advertising message out. Be forewarned. Mobile is not media. Mobile is a point of interaction between a brand and a consumer.

Mobile, e-mail, radio and TV can be amazing tools for starting and continuing a conversation with your target audience.

Mobile, e-mail and other forms of marketing interaction tools are great tools for starting and continuing a (marketing) conversation but they are not a good way to “solicit” one. That is calls spam. Think about when you might have been walking down a street or in a mall and someone handing you a flier promoting their restaurant or there “going out of business” sale. How did you feel? Did you even look at it? Read it? Act on it?

Now tell me, what is difference between handing out fliers that no one really wants to send out messages out to a list of people who don’t care about you, your company or your product or service?

A mobile is one of the most personal of all communication devices. Therefore if you choose to deliver an UNWANTED message on a (my) cell phone you stand the chance to make your company, service, product, brand what ever black-balled for life! For mobile marketing to work it is absolutely necessary that ads be delivered in such a way as to be viewed as non-obtrusive to the recipient while also adding value that is specific to who they are.

Larson note: According to a recent Nielsen survey on Mobile, only 10% of mobile users said that would be willing to accept mobile ads. That says to me 90% don’t want them! I would strongly advice against sending spam out on mobile devices; just keep it in the can. With permission you might venture into the mobile marketing channel with targeted, timely, personal messages.

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