Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marketing Ideas for the Holidays – Thought 1

Last week we talked a little bit (no a lot) about inserts as a way to promote your business or service. This week I will start my holiday marketing tips along the same line. And why not, inserts work when you are developing your holiday attack.

You are looking at a very narrow time zone to promote yourself so adding an incentive of special offer is very important. Some examples might be free shipping or discounts that end at a specific date. Today more so than even a few months ago, customers are expecting added-value offers and will comparison shop to seek out and find the best offer.

Make sure you recommend the product or service as a gift. Even at this time of the year people forget. Sometimes we need to remind the customer that although they may have seen this offer before they might never have thought of it as a gift for someone else. At the same time you might want to consider tweaking (no not twitting) the creative message to bring out more of a holiday message.

Timing and selection also play a very important role for any marketer at this time to the year. When inserting during the holidays, it is important to get your marketing message in the hands of the consumer when purchasing decisions will be made. Think when the distribution of the catalog, newspaper, magazine or package will arrive and the amount of time you will give the consumer to respond to the offer.

And as always, test different programs continuously. See what draws the most attention.

Larson note: This is it, the holiday buying season. You got to be a player to play. If you sit on the sidelines you will be passed by. IN the following 3 days I will have other special tips just in time for the holidays. It is not too late and if your current advertising or marketing studio can’t implement what you need, when you need it, just call us. We have been through the holiday wars before.

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