Thursday, November 6, 2008

Estee Lauder uses Social Media for Breast Cancer

Estee Lauder’s 16 year old “Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign” an autumn tradition to its Pink Ribbon has put into place a major digital component this year.

The campaign will have its largest online presence ever this year including Social Media, display ads and special content.

Estee Lauder wanted to take this years campaign further and deeper into the digital area by leveraging the experience they have been gaining in Social Media with there other brands.

The hope is to make this years campaign much more integrated with participation and reaching a newer younger audience.

Participation is important because “women need to share” stated Marisa Thalberg VP of Global Digital Marketing for Estee Lauder. If Estee Lauder can put out the message about breast cancer in front of woman online in a participatory way “women who are not exposed to these messages in traditional media will have a way to think about it” she said.

Estee Lauder teamed up with Brickfish for a storytelling portion of the campaign. Individuals are encouraged to share inspirational stories about how breast cancer has affected them. This portion of the campaign will be hosted on Estee Lauder’s web sires including and . O two; asp be supported with display ads.

Estee Lauder will also being its message to MySpace, Facebook and other social networks though a partnership with Slide, a publisher of social networking applications such as SuperPoke.

This campaign is showing how Social Media has really become a powerful way for woman to communicate with one another. Thalberg added that “Estee Lauder might not even know how far-reaching this campaign is because of the virtual nature.

Larson note: Wow! What a perfect example of how to weave SM, web and print together in a powerful way letting people reach out. We all need to sit back and study who they have put this whole campaign together, I know I will be!

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Anonymous said...

Estee Lauder also teamed up with The Beauty Blog Network (I'm the founder) to get the word out about their pink products for reviews and contest that our network members put together. Estee Lauder has been nothing short of amazing in working with us to get the word out in new ways about breast cancer awareness. We were honored to be a part of it.

Elke Von Freudenberg, Founder
The Beauty Blog Network