Tuesday, November 25, 2008

E-Mail Newsletters work, ask me.

Every month without fail I send out my monthly newsletter. No this is not some advertising piece put together to promote me but rather an ongoing roll out on selling and marketing. The current effort(s) have been an ongoing roll out of how to sell over the phone. Anyone who wanted to take down this information could easily(s) do it themselves. Yet each month almost without fail I get 3 to 6 requests that transforms into at least 1 new account with this soft sell method of promotion.

If your out there looking to market yourself and not spend big time bucks, keep your name in the marketplace you should be strongly looking at using e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing can help you save money and be cost effective. Yet you need to plan and make sure have an implantation strategy. What is your objective? What is your message? What is your strategy?

Here are a few simple ideas you can follow to be successful:

The federal CAN-SPAM act requires that you give e-mail recipients an opt-out option and prohibits misleading routing information. In addition it prohibits misleading subject’s lines. Check www.ftc.gov or type CAN-SPAM in the search box for information
It is the subject line of your e-mail that will really determine whether your message gets read or not. If you use words “free”, “sale”, or “offer” and I can almost guarantee it is gong right into the spam or delete box.
More than half of readers view emails with the images turned off, myself included. Unless you have a strong text message with your images 50% of the people who even open your email up will not get your message
Your E-newsletter should be a minimum 85% education. This way people will keep coming back and opening your email and seek you out as an “expert”.
If 8% or your recipients even open your mail you are doing very good.
Do-it-yourself providers such as Constant contact and iContact offer templates and list management support that make it a little easier to put your email marketing campaign together.

Email mail marketing is fast and easy and can be very rewarding. The hardest thing might really be your list creation.

Larson note: I have been an active E-mailer for some 7 years now, I personally use e-Campaign so I don’t have to pay out the monthly usage fees of Constant Contact, iContact or some other services. My list that I send to, is over 700, and is growing AND I get at least 1 customer every time I send it out, or once a month. My key has been consistency and no real advertising, just good solid material that I have stuffed into my blond brain over the last 30 some odd years of selling.

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