Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brand American and Barack Obama

During the last eight years, "Brand America" has taken a bit of a beating. With two wars being waged under the Bush administration, some in other countries have come to see the U.S. as a global bully, uninterested in what the rest of the world has to say. At times, that attitude has rubbed off on U.S.-based companies, making their jobs harder. With the rest of the world quite obviously pulling for Barack Obama in the recent presidential race, will his election change perceptions abroad?

Do you think "Brand America" will bounce back with the Obama administration?

Yes 78%
No 22%

Larson note: Actions always speak louder than words. Right now yes, the world is looking at this as a very positive step. One that says American really believes in what it says and promotes. Brand America is looking very strong right now, can Business America follow suite?

Howard Larson
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