Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Are Assisting Keywords?

What are assisting keywords and how can they improve your (paid) search performance?

When someone is looking for something in a broad way they often hit on multiple keyword ads as they sort though and make there purchasing decisions. The keywords that proceed the last click are known as assisting keywords. Many marketers tend to only measure the last click before a prospect converts or may not track the entire search funnel, meaning these terms usually don’t receive credit for aiding in a click though. This can put you in a blind spot when setting up your optimizing in a search engine campaign.

In using search tools to accurately measure the value of your keywords and be able to analyze the roll they plan in the entire search plan, you can determine if you are putting enough money or time on the “non-brand” terms that help to lead customer conversions on other items you have listed. You will most likely find you will need to reallocate some of your budget (or time).

Larson note: It all matters. It all counts. There is so much “secret stuff” out there on the interent to really make your web site seen, found and working. You can’t just throw your hands up and walk away. The web is too big, too powerful and too essential to do that. If you have the knowledge to do it yourself great go for it, if you don’t, find someone or some company that does. That’s the beauty of our system if you don’t have the necessary knowledge you can purchase it.

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