Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UPS releases new rates for 2009

UPS announced its new shipping rates for 2009, which will include an average 5.9% increase for group packages, as well as an average increase of 4.9% on air express and US Shipments sent abroad. The new rates take effect on January 5, 2009. UPS Freight announced a general rate increase of 5.9% which customers will be able to download the new rates and service guide at ups.com/rates beginning on December 18th.

Last month FedEx announced it Express package and freight rates will increase and average of 6.9% for its US and US Export Service

Larson note: Well at least you have the time to get your shipping costs in line for upcoming projects. You had to see this was coming, with the spike in gas and fuel costs. Be it UPS. FedEx,. DSL, who ever. Shipping can be a make or break cost in a business, the difference between profit and loss. Keep yours in line.

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