Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When Free Doesn’t Mean Free

Want a Free laptop? How about a free plazma TV? Of wait, yes you have won a free trip to Tahiti! If they had said Berwyn I might have believed them but I was not lucky enough to win that trip. How about a $1.000 gift card? Or how about a free round of golf in Myrtle Beach SC?

Free has become a four letter word. Free will knock your emails out into the spam folder. Free is anything but free anymore. Free cup of coffee, sure after you buy a $10.00 donut. A free diamond after you buy a $250.00 insurance policy for its shipping.

If you are a direct marketer, a target marketer and are wondering what happened to the power to the word free, just open your spam folder and take a look. Free no longer means free it means lisence to collect data on you and solicitate you with even more messages on free stuff. Free is tied into forms to fill out, containing special compliance regulations, as to age, residency, valid email address, phone number color for your eyes or the city you were born in.

Completion of these promotions means spending more money than you might have spent to actually go out and buy the item regardless of the cost. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Free, all gone.

To receive a free membership you muse complete all the steps that are listed below, start with a zip code, then register with a valid and deliverable email address and submit accurate contact data and demographic information including mailing address, etc etc. endless information for them to pinpoint who you are and what other offers to send you!

Weather you are a buyer or sell we are both victims because the fallout damage to myself as a legitimate marketer makes my work even harder to get out legitimate messages for my clients. Its like breathing in second had smoke; it clogs my lungs just like yours.

Larson note: If you have the urge to try for these sweapstakes of Free offers I stongly suggest you have an email address set up for just this purpose so all the spammers can blast away.

Now the truth is, yes I blast out emails, I do telesales to fill up your voice mail, I sand out mailings to fill up your mail box but if you are not interested in my company, and what we could be doing for you, if you don’t want my thoughts and opinions, I don’t want to be bothering your email account, your mail box, or hear the ring tone on your phone. It waist my time as much as it waists yours.

We need real.
We need truth.
Not “free”.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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