Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sri Lanka Mall Ties-In With Harry Potter

A leading shopping mall in Sri Lanka teamed up with international hit franchise Harry Potter and used a little bit of magic to help promote itself

Using some fun ground-breaking technology, the mall planted a coffee cup on a table in one of its coffee shops and placed a mock copy of the soon-to-be released "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" next to it.

Eagle-eyed shoppers soon noticed that the spoon in the cup was stirring the coffee on its own, as if by magic. The stunt quickly drew a crowd, and a video clip ( ) of the activity became an internet hit, ensuring the mall grabbed the attention of Sri Lanka's shoppers.

Larson note: Coffee rules even in Hogwarts. Us Marketing Muggle’s will have to sit back and marvel at who ever thought this one up. Dang this is too good! I’m kicking my preverbal creative head on not thinking this one up. Now what can you do in your business to have the same effect?

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