Monday, October 6, 2008

Gaining Market Share with Social Media in a Down Turn.

A few weeks ago AOL publicly stated that its network advertising had softened in auto, financial, telecom and travel industries. With GM slashing their ad budget and eMarketer revising its estimated online ad spending in 3008 from 27.5 billion down to $24.9 billion in August (will this drop farther?) where and how can you gain needed market share in an economy that is fighting for its life?

During a recession, a company should be positioning itself as the leader it is product category. Show that it is the best; prove that it is the most cost effective. Right now the internet is the vehicle of choice for most direct marketers vs. brand marketers. It’s the best, least expensive and right now the fastest way to gain market share

Enter stage right: Social Media Marketing . . . hands on, get to know your customer, engage your customer, and interact with your customer’s community. Social Media puts you right in center stage. Social media networks exceed the impact of broader sites because customers are more favorable to the companies that can and well engage them where they are. It takes time, commitment and staying power. It does not work for the quick in and out advertising marketing blitz. Can you? Will you? Should you?

Larson note: Don’t kid yourself marketers are canceling upfront advertising commitments and contracts. The finance, travel and automotive sectors will and are experiencing the greatest weaknesses and cutbacks. Now, if you’re reading this you are already engaged in B2B Social Media Marketing in some way, shape or form so you know what I’m talking about or at least are starting to understand. If it is working for you, push harder in the same direction but be careful not to be an obnoxious in-your-face networker. That turns people off fast, very fast. But you do have to be there a few times a day to make a visual impact If you can’t make the impact on the blogs and nings and social networking sits we can help. One of the services we do offer is positioning companies though Social Media. We have and are doing it for ourselves. We might and could be pushing your companies SMN in a similar fashion Interested? Call us..

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