Thursday, October 30, 2008

Increase Sales with Inserts; Thought 4

If you have now decided to try an insert for your business remember above all it needs to grab a readers attention

Words: Free, Save or Special Offer comes to mind
Color: Red, and Orange become a vision in my minds eye.
Size: Be bigger or small than your competition as long as you are different.
Feel: Special paper stocks for look and texture
Understandability: Make the rules to use the coupon understandable to people like me

And for a quick side note: if there is a return post card involved make sure that it meets postal specifications

Larson note: Its not enough just to use inserts, you need to make sure they grab the reader’s attention, design, shape, size, offer and copy are all important. So research your market, see who is advertising in your potential newspapers or magazines and go for it.

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