Friday, October 3, 2008

Is the Sun Setting on US Manufacturing Dominance?

I am a student of history. I enjoy reading and learning about the past, be it US, European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern what ever. The object being to learn from the past to succeed in the future, to project into the future, not to dwell in the past

By 1900 the United States was the industrial power of the world having taken that honor form England. At that time the United States was a nation of inventors, builders, makers, users, we went though 2 world wars, a “Great Depression” and persevered as the nations manufactures brought us to a level of prosperity in the second half of the 20th century unmatched in all of human history.

Bob Dillon “the times they are a’ changing” Things change, Life changes. Times change. The world changes.

For the past several years the United States has seen its manufacturing base erode.

Global Insight an economic consulting firm has estimated that in 2009 China will account for 17% of the worlds manufacturing out pacing the United States which will (should) have 16%. This is down from 20% in 2007 where China had 13%. I will not talk here at how China has accomplished this manufacturing dominance, but I do have strong feelings on it. (See other blogs).

So what does a second place finisher in the manufacturing race do? Sit back and sulk? Hardly! I propose here that the answer of the future lies on the past. The United States must again become a nation of inventors and creators, of entrepreneurs and innovators. We need the Edison’s, Bell’s, Carver’s and Einstein’s of today to step up and take their rightful place. Likewise we need a State Department willing to go to bat for these innovators and protect there patents and trademarks from preying countries who steal knowledge.

Technology and innovation breakthroughs propelled us in the past and it can in the future with people who are free to excel and have the motivation to succeed and be allowed to reap the rewards of their work. It happened once, it can happen again

Larson note: Lead, follow or get out of the way. Thos words never rang truer than they do today. The world, the nation, your city are all looking for true real leaders. People willing to take a chance, stick there necks out to do the right thing, not the politically correct thing. Manufacturing, technology service or information industries it really makes no difference. We are in a global society. In many ways it makes little difference anymore where things are made or consumed but, until we have a One World Government (not the UN), until we have a Worldwide Monetary System, until we have a World Court System (which works), until we have a Worldwide Police Force (not the US Army), not each man (country) for themselves. I’m willing to go into a World Wide System are you?

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