Friday, October 17, 2008

Stop Laws of Marketing

I never though back 30 some years ago that I would have to be watching my back side in this creasy business. Life was good, Life was easy, lest complemented, people had time for the simple pleasures of life. Enter the computer age, all of a suden people are being hit on all sides with sophisticated direct targeted marketing attacks.

So what are the laws on the books and other issues being considered?

Can Spam Act: (Controlling the assault of non-solicited pornography and marketing act, The offence: False of misleading subject titles and headliners, no opt-out function, failure for self-identity as an advertisement or to provide a valid postal address, The penalty is fines of up to $11,000 per violation, entered on internet blacklists and blocked from all inboxes, filtered directly into spam folders.

National Do Not Call Registry ( ) The offence: Unsolicited or fraudulent telemarketing. The penalty: Civil penalties of up to $11,000 per offence. Currently over 157 million phone numbers are on the National Do Not Call Registry

Do Not Mail Registry The offense: Unwanted solicitations through direct mail. The update: Several stats have submitted bills this year in favor of creating Do Not Mail registries, making it illegal to send junk mail. The movement began with proposals in 2007; since then some bills have already been reflected or dropped.

Do Not Track The Offense; Tracking and targeting consumers based on online activity. The update: In April the consumer Federation of America and the Consumers Union petitioned the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to create a Do Not Track list of consumers. If approved this would require explicit consumer consent preventing the tracking of consumers under 18 and ban the tracking of health and other sensitive information.

Mapping the Mobile Marketplace The Offence: Unwanted solicitation through mobile devices. The FTC met in early May to discuss consumer’s protection in the face of expanding mobile commerce. Topics include fraud, privacy, targeting of children and adolescents and consumer control.

Larson note: There you have it boys and girls, what we got and what the saviors or the world are trying to do to us. Learn to work with in the bounds of the law and you will be fine and at the same time get your message out. It will be harder for small businesses to market. The possibilities of accessibility and access to a level marketing field will hard to work on because they will be gone, disappeared and evaporated as these laws are put into place. It cost money to stay legal but it is still possible. Of all of the above the worst is the Do Not Mail bills floating in and around the country. The good news is that if you are a very small mailer and send out first class mail most to the bills will not affect you at all

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