Friday, October 24, 2008

Caldwell Banker Real Estate has mobile site

Caldwell Banker Real Estate has launched a mobile site specifically tailored to work with the iPhone.

When accessed from an iPhone, allows users to search property listings and estimate move values with out having to download software.

The search functions allow users to enter city, state, price and then you can filter that down my adding in things like number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Once a property has been selected the user has the option to call the agent assigned to that property directly using the handset.

Now if you see a property you enter in the zip code, and are able to fine that property on your iPhone in seconds. It really eliminates the downtime and interest lost between finding a possible property and having the ability to have access and contact the agent.

Also back in April CB went and put its listings in GPS devices through an exclusive feed for navigation systems in cars, which then gives drives listings, maps and directions to its properties.

Larson note: This is hot. New home buyers are right there using this technology already, so in a tight home buying market Caldwell Banker goes after the juggler vein of this market segment, technology and its use. Now think, how could your business put these ideas to use in your marketing attack?

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