Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Increase Sales with Inserts; Thought 2

I have been reading about where Christmas sales are going to go this year. One source (TNSRetail Forward) is thinking 1.5%. Another source (US Department of Commerce) is predicting 2.2%

As a marketer I could sit back and just say it’s the economy. Yet there is that part of me the aggressive part that refuses to give into the talk on the street. So I would say to you, there is not a better time to attract customers to your store or business than now. And one of the major ways to do this is though an advertising insert, be it in the newspaper or a trade magazine. What better way than to create an attention grabbing ad insert which displays IMMEDIATE value.

Idea 1: Use specialty adhesives. Put in an insert that is a peel-off coupon, sweepstakes, game or promotion (not a cut out) Inserts like these allow consumers to easily get your insert and not cut it out of the newspaper of magazine or market it to go back to when they have a pail of scissors (which may be never).

Idea 2: Special die-cut. In order to increase the visibility of your piece have it special die-cut into a unique shape that will help to showcase you, your company and your product, service or event.

Idea 3: Make your piece drastically different. Put it all together with shape, size, paper stock,

In a study comparing unique inserts to normal ones, 57% of consumers took, choose and read the unique insert first. When do you want to be seen and read, first or second?

Larson note: Does it make sense for you to go unique? Do you have room in your budget? You do have a budget don’t you? Does getting in front of your competition by almost 2/3rds over your competition most of the time mean anything to you?

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