Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drink Dr Pepper (on them)

Earlier this year Dr. Pepper announced that they would give a fee bottle of their pop (I’m from Chicago its pop here, soda to the rest of you) in America if Axl Rose actually released “Chinese Democracy” before the end of 2008.

Just released today Dr. Pepper will come though on its promise. Tony Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing for Dr Pepper stated in a press release: “but now that it’s here all we can say is The Dr Pepper’s on us.”

If you want your FREE Dr Pepper you need to log onto on November 23 the expected release date of “Chinese Democracy” and register your information to get a coupon for one free 20 oz Dr Pepper. The coupon will arrive by mail and be good at ANY retailer who sells Dr Pepper.

The coupons will only be available for the Dr Pepper’s Web site on the release date of “Chinese Democracy”

The track list of Chinese Democracy will be: Chinese Democracy, Shackler’s Revenge, Better, Streets of Dreams, If the World, There Was a Time, Catcher N’ The Rye, Scraped, Riad N’ The Bedouins, Sorry, I.R.S., Madagascar, This I Love and Prostitute. Some of these tracks will be familiar to Guns and Roses fans who scour the internet and a few have been officially released.

Larson note: What a deal, log in on the right day and you get your Dr Pepper fix. What can you learn form this? Think out of the box.

You could do the same thing at a local level. Say your local high school team makes the state meet, give away water bottles at your store on a specific date, Say a local person wins the What if a local person wins a blue ribbon at the state or county fair for a perfect jar of strawberry jam. If you are in food, have an autograph secession at YOUR store. If you’re into sports (again) what if a local person runs in the Boston Marathon, (which you need to have a qualifying time just to run in it) you can have a send off party or welcome home to the local running hero! The key is to think out of the box.

As for now my calendar is marked for the 23rd of November to get my Dr Pepper. How about you?

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