Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Using Twitter for PR

As I lean back in my chair I have to wonder as to why more companies are not using the power of twitter to at least monitor there reputations in real time . I mean where else can you get right down at the customers level and hear what they are saying. The immediacy of the format gives both PR directors, customer service as well as sales people an opportuniy to respond to low level crises before they escalate out of control. It also gives these same people unique insights to up and coming opportunities.

You can also use twitter to strengthen relationships with the media. Reporters are on the look out for stories, and tweeting about upcoming projects in hopes of finding an inside scoop. With any luck you can make it be you to tell your own story. If marketing executives monitor reporters interests they can strategically position their products or even their organizations in ways to become part of the conversation. When you are in the inside hearing how things are unfolding you can be at the panicle of future events.

Larson note: Twitter is still a tool in the very infancy of its maturation. I am amazed at the ways that it can be used, and the ways it should not be used. Yet wonder, how many people can you be following? It can if not careful clog up your ability to function, yet the up side is too great to ignore.

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