Friday, October 10, 2008

Reaching the C-suite Executive: Thought #4

So there we are, trying to get our message through the clutter, the clogged communication channels viing for some attention to our message. For the B2B marketer, the art to reaching out to this high level executive is all about engaging them through personalization and at and with leadership initiatives. The C-Level is passionate about their careers, hobbies and causes. You need to meet them at their level and be just as passionate (and creative) as they are.

You need to, you must use high end personalization and structure your campaign to basically surround your target with your promotion messages that approaches them by name and company not by there office ( ex, Mr. Bill Johnson XYZ Company).

Ever heard of hyper-personalization? This is where you go and promote with your name directing your prospects to a micro-site In this way you can structure your message to them and them alone. (you can make a hyper-personalized site for each C-Level you are going after) You can use hyper-personalization for events, conferences anywhere where you are targeting upper level C-Level Executives. It is a great tool for leveraging one-on-one conversations.

Now for your printed material. Getting your mailings past and out of the mail room has and will always be a challenge to the direct marketer. Look normal and dull and you will be put in the normal and dull pile of mail. For the above and beyond think or using a dimensional mailer (something that is not flat), you know a box, a tube, something that gets seen and makes people curious. Dimensional mailings work well because they have a high degree of impact; have a better chance of getting to the person they are addressed to, and a higher degree of being opened. Make the piece you put in there relevant not some gimmicky plastic letter opener with your companies name on it. It needs to be and feel compelling not tacky.

And last is the favorites of favorites, the best of the best, the highest of the high; WOM or do you say Word-Of-Mouth. Get into the right circles and WOM is the preferred way to market into the C-Level. If you are in a postion to leverage at a personal, peer-to-peer level go for it! This is the high road the nirvana of marketing and personalization. Join the Associations they are in and promote yourself to leadership rolls. Get visual and stand out as a leader.

Larson note: This is the last of my ideas of reaching C-Level Executives. If you grasp onto anything over this last weeks 4 postings you will have some success. As in all marketing I strongly urge you to do and concentrate on things that you can put 100% effort into with a long term commitment. Time is our biggest enemy and our biggest asset. Use it to your advantage.

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