Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Direct Mail Lives

18.8 billion pieces of direct mail went out in the 2nd quarter of this year. And most predictions I am reading predict that this will double by the year 2013.

Mail might be a more expensive way to market than others that are out there, but a study that was done by the Winterberry Group that was released last March noted that direct mail were getting an improved ROI.

Television did not kill radio. Direct mail did not kill newspaper ads. TiVo did not kill television. Paid search did not kill email. And email will not kill direct mail. New marketing mediums might fragment marketing budgets but so far only government regulations and obsolete technology can kill a marketing channel such as the Do Not Fax lax and the SPAM law, and do not call list.

As many marketers have been quick to point out, competition in email has only increased up to over 210 billion emails send out daily marketing this channel every more challenging for your prospects attention.

It seem s to me that every though more and more marketing is being down electronically those that seem to be the most successful are still keeping direct mail a part of their mix and sometimes the prime driver of their attack.

Larson note: Why mail? Because it works. Only mail? No but it still gets the job done. There is an art to a mailing attach, you might want to mix it up with a pay for key word deal. Play with it. Have some fun and keep your eye on your (snail) mail box. Bet someone sent you something to get your attention and . . .did.

Howard Larson
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