Friday, September 4, 2009

Search: Paid or Organic?

So how do you get seen? Pay for it or do an organic search? If you need a push does a little paying work or should you sit back and let natures little web spiders take their course go with organic all the way.

Search engine optimization is more effective in the long term o over all ROI due to three big areas, trust, volume and relevance.

1st, people tend to sue the same search engine for all of their searches and come to trust that there favorite search engine will return a high quality organic search. People might understand that the search engine itself controls the organic results but know it is paid advertisers who control paid search results. Knowing that the list of companies shown is based entirely on being the highest bidder, it makes people stop and think.

2nd, studies have shown that 10% to 30% of searches are willing to click on an organic search while only 10%-30% are willing to click on a sponsored clink. The despondency in volume means that those sites that rank will in organic search results will get more click thorughs than those found at the top of a paid search.

3rd, the search engine algorithms have been refined to the point that their organic results are highly relevant to t he search term. When you compare this to the paid search, where companies bid on any term or word they choose, searchers know that the organic search will consistently be more relevant to them that a sponsored link.

Larson note: Taken in total the results giving form an organic search generates more and a higher degree of trust. If you can put a good SEO program together you should generate a higher quality of traffic and be more effective than a paid search.

Yet there is a reason to have a paid search presence. Look for our next blog this afternoon to find out why.

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